How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our garden began three summers ago when Jarren was given two free zucchini starts at the Farmers market.  I don’t really care for zucchini, but Jarren was thrilled so that summer we had three pots with zucchini and melon in them.  I still have the picture of the kids with our first harvest and zucchini bread with chocolate chips is pretty tasty.  The next year we planted a strip along the back fence and this year the garden wrapped all the way around our back yard.   And this is similar to how our call to ministry has grown and changed over the years.

At times we have been called to serve in ways we wouldn’t have chosen and didn’t really care for.  Each year of gardening has been unique and has led to learning experiences for the whole family.  The kids tried new veggies, some they like others not so much.  In the same way each ministry experience we have had has provided us with ways in which to expand our understanding of our call.  This year our garden was full of surprises.  Our lettuce patch, where we had prepped the soil with compost from our own bin yielded pumpkins and tomatoes as well as the greens we expected.  In the same way we expect that our time in Peru will bring unexpected opportunities.  We are very much looking forward to this next step in our ministry.  We would be so pleased if you would consider joining in this ministry opportunity by supporting us financially and in prayer.


The Call

It has been a busy summer for us and we are happy to announce that change is coming!  After spending a week in Arequipa, Peru we have accepted the call to serve with Extreme Nazarene Ministries.  Robin will be serving in a technical position as Extreme Network Administration Coordinator and I will be working as the Extreme Peru Communications Coordinator.  We are hoping to be in Peru the first week of January 2012!  We will be posting more details and pictures of our trip soon.