The much awaited…Volcano-Meter

Jarren is helping us keep track of where we are in our support with the Volcano-Meter.  He promises a spectacular explosion complete with lava, smoke and ash when we hit 100% funded.  If enough people request it he may even work in a pyroclastic flow!  The animal on the side is a Vicuna, the same one that is featured on the Peruvian coat of arms and there is an airplane in place for when we hit 80%.  Enjoy!


The Cattle on a Thousand Hills

Psalm 50 declares the sovereignty of God and his ownership of all creation, this oft quoted line that the cattle on a thousand hills belong to God comes in the midst of this Psalm, in the same vein I would declare to you today that not only do the cattle belong to God but also the chips in a thousand computer processors.  Last Thursday we were at 20% funded on Friday Robin was offered a voluntary separation package that put us at 50%.  Under this agreement Robin will still be able to work until February 17 (Which is when we were hoping to have him leave).  We hope you will thank God with us for His work in providing what we need.

So here is where we are today: 53% funded.  We now only need 17 new pledges of $100 a month to be at 100%!

Support Update

Time is flying by in the DeWhitt household and we wanted to give you an update on our financial support status.

Currently we are 20% funded through one time donations and monthly pledges.  This number includes those that have sent checks or cash and those who have opened online giving accounts.  If you have planned on setting up online giving and haven’t done so please do so we can have an accurate picture of where we are. You can do so at

30 pledges of $100 a month for 24 months would put us at 100% funded. We have about 5 and half weeks before we hope to be on our way and are looking forward to seeing how God will work in this time.

We have been truly blessed to see how God is working in this area of fundraising.  It is definitely not a task we can accomplish through our own strength.  Thank you for your prayers and continued support.

A Very Cousin Christmas


We have been very blessed this year with lots of cousin time.  Some of my fondest memories were of summer vacations spent with cousins and I am thankful that we have been able to spend so much time making memories and creating a foundation of what I hope are lifetime friendships.  The picture at the top of the page pretty much sums up the Christmas weekend at Nana and Papa’s house this year, lots of fun sweet silliness.

Thank You!

I wanted to start off this years blog posts with a Thank You. So many of you have helped us to get where we are in this journey toward Peru and the ministry that awaits us there.

Thank You Teresa for taking our family picture and then letting us use it on our prayer card and website. Need a photographer? Check out her website

Thank You to our Families your contributions toward getting us to Peru are too numerous to list.

Thank You Ingrid for the hours you have spent helping us with garage sales and cleaning and playing wombats and sharks or choursey hoursey hoursey or dolphin school or what ever game the kids have imagined up.

Thank You Christina for posting events to your home school group and to the Life at Home group for making the garage sale a success.

Thank You to the McMann’s and Moyer’s for the use of space heaters during the garage sale, we were much warmer.

Finally Thank You to all who have joined our support team, your prayer and financial support encourage us as we prepare  for this journey.

As we start this new year we anticipate the move of God in preparing us to go and in your lives as well.  Happy New Year!