Support update

As you can see the Lava is rising (he also made it hotter)! We only need 13 more pledges of $100 a month for 24 months to get us 100% funded. It is super easy to sign up online just click the support button on the menu and follow the links.

A couple of Prayer requests:
We have the first showing of our house to renters this week. Please pray for the speedy rental of our home and for the right people.

We are putting our van up for sale this week as well. Please pray that we would get a good price and that it would go smoothly


The Lenten Year

I am fascinated by the way that we mark time.  Renna marks time by waking and sleeping.  Every time she wakes up either from a nap or a full night’s sleep it is a new day and generally requires a change of clothes.  For the Chinese this is the Year of the Dragon.  When we moved to our current house, which is on the edge of suburbia we jokingly said we had a rotating roadkill calendar, based on which nocturnal animal turned up most often on the side of the road.  The most memorable was the year of the skunk (this year).  I think in general we try to shape our year by resolutions or predictions, make it better than the last or at least different.  When I was introduced to the liturgical calendar of the Church as a young adult I knew I had found a treasure.  Here was a year that formed me.  It formed me through scripture, tradition and community.  This is just what we need, this cycle of feasts, fasts and ordinary times, we need them all and here they are waiting to engage us, walk with us and conform us more and more into the image of Christ.

Lent is upon us and as I was reflecting on how this season of fasting would work itself out in this time of transition I was struck by the realization that we have been living in a Lenten year.  Since last April when we dipped our toe into the stream of missions we have been carried along in Lenten fashion in giving up expectations to embrace opportunities, of shedding the things that entangle us, of seeing what bubbles to the surface as life heats up, of hearing God and engaging in obedience on a daily basis, of waiting and delayed gratification, and of hopeful expectation of the completion of God’s work in our lives.

Lent is a purple time, the same as Advent, a time of preparation and expectation, a time of giving and fasting.  So what of this Lenten season?  It comes at a time when we press in deeper.  Our extras are mostly gone, it is time to get uncomfortable and see what glories lie on the other side.


The last few weeks have marked the last of our visits out of town untill we leave town.  In the midst of these we had interviews with he Board of Ministry, meetings with friends and church meetings.  These last few weeks have been full but what has come to mind the most as we visited Grandparents for the last time before we leave has been what a great inheritance we have been given and what a gift our families are to our children.

During our board of Ministry interviews both Robin and I reflected on how our parents had entered into our calling to ministry, prehaps that is why the gifts they are passing on to our children were so evident as we visited with them these last two weeks.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures but these two represent two of my most cherished gifts, love of music and enjoyment of nature.  Both of these I know will nourish their spiritual lives as they continue to grow in the grace of our Lord.  Even though distances may be great we are never far from our families, we carry with us our inheritance.

Quick update:  We are at 65% and excited with how God is working in your lives as well as our own.  We are truly grateful for each of you that has joined our support team and are looking forward to seeing how God is going to move in these next few weeks.  Robin’s last day at Intel is February 17, please continue to pray for us as we work and wait.