So When Are You Leaving?

The answer to this question feels very elusive right now.  We are planning to leave the Portland area mid April, but will be back for a weekend.  We will leave for Peru when we are fully funded, which we pray is soon.  Currently we are holding steady at 70%.  This month’s lesson is that plans will change.  I posted on Facebook that right now we feel a little like we are on a rollercoaster blindfolded, which is to say it is surprising and terrifying and exhilarating.  After all we got on this roller coaster voluntarily and are glad to be here.  All the same are learning to hold our plans loosely, please forgive the sudden twists and turns.  Here is our tentative schedule as far as we can tell.

March 23-25: Seattle (if any of you in Seattle or along the I-5 corridor want to meet up drop us a message)

March 26: Eugene

April 6: Jarren’s last day of school in Hillsboro

April 8: Last Sunday at HNC (move to Madras)

April 20-21: NMI Conference

April 22: Goodbye gathering at HNC


Having Faith

As many of you know our house is officially rented and will be occupied by tenants on April 1.  No it isn’t a joke.  How good of God to take into consideration our children and lead us to be here in the Portland area until Spring Break.  Here is where we are hoping and praying that things speed up.  During the next few weeks we are going to be hosting prayer times.  We feel strongly that we need to be prayed out, so to speak.  What remains is God’s work, he is the one who provides what we need to live and we get to walk in that literally during this time.  30% is what we have left in order to be able to leave for Peru.  Robin’s job has ended, the house is rented, we have a buyer for the minivan, and all that is staying here from our household possessions will be moved to a 5×5 storage unit.  This is where God has led us so far and it is a good place to be.  Join us this next three weeks to pray for the provision of God to be released into this ministry.  There are so many of you that have expressed a desire to support us financially but no ability, we are confident that God is going to work in such a way that there will be no doubt as to this being  His work and not anything that we could accomplish on our own.  Below is our schedule, if you can’t join us at one of the times we have planned give us a call and we will find a time to meet.

Thursday, March 15: 7pm – Prayer Time (at our home)

Saturday, March 17: 9am – Last Garage Sale

Tuesday, March 20: 7pm – Prayer Time (at our home)

Saturday, March 24: TBA – Goodbye Party