Almost Home

Just a few days left and we will be back in Madras, our almost home and hopefully soon we will be in Arequipa, Peru, our new home.  Right now it feels a bit like I keep thinking  “are we there yet”.  I am hoping that we will catch a third wind here soon, one that will finish us up and send us off.

Every stop along the way has had its blessings.  Here are a few from the last few days: Rerouting through Colorado and being able to see old friends, a beautiful green space in the back of the hotel in Ogden, UT that Jarren and Renna were able to run laps around, getting an up grade in the same hotel because they wired the sleeper sofa shut(?) and last but not least I am thankful for finding a book that kept Jarren occupied for two hours in the car.

This trip has certainly stretched us and I’ll admit to feeling a little thin on patience nad sleep but I think we have learned a bit about living with less space as well as less stuff.  There are fewer places to hide bad moods and short tempers in a sedan, hotel room or someone elses home, but there are so many things to be thankful for as we experience working out God’s will for our family together.


Not a Chance

It has not been by chance that we have found ourselves in New Mexico.  I know that I have written almost this exact same thing before and if you have talked to me in the last few weeks I have gone on and on about how this has been exactly where we are supposed to be right now and we are doing what we are supposed to be doing.  This morning as I was reflecting on our trip and we are about to head back to Oregon this verse came to mind:

 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

I know that this verse gets used so often, but it seemed to so completely express what we are living right now.  As we talk to people about our journey and what lead us to the mission field we talk a lot about listening to what God has for you.  And I think that we can only walk in his plan for us and fully experience it when we are listening and acting.  Sometimes it is big things, like “move you family to Peru” or “take a four-week road trip”, but more often it is small, little things that change our perspective or attitude and leave us open to acting freely when the call for larger actions come.  We are praying for you that you will be able to hear clearly and act freely, pray for us that we will do the same.

Quick update:

Praise the Lord we have renters!  They move in the first of June.

We are currently at 82% We are so close, if you are planning to partner with us financially and haven’t signed up on the website or given us an amount you intend to send please do, we have to be at 100% before we can leave.  Just click the support button on this page and it will take you to our online giving page.

Please pray for safe travels back toward Oregon.  We rerouted through Colorado and will add one more day to our trip so we can visit with some friends here.

I’m feeling full

I wondered a bit what we would do if we were already to go and didn’t have our funding in place, but since we are working on being obedient and getting ready to go was what we felt God was saying I put off any further contemplation untill that situation actually presented itself. When we sent the kids off to Madras, cleaned out our house and planned a road trip I had little time to contemplate this question. It wasn’t untill we were somewhere between California and Arizona that the answer came to me. God wouldn’t send us to the field empty. We have spent the last 6 months emptying ourselves and lives of all the extra, giving up, giving away possessions in order to be free to serve. During this road trip God has been pouring into our lives, not material things, but the opportunities to hear other people’s stories,and dreams and share in their journeys. It has been a time of receiving hospitality. I am feeling full. Pray with us that we continue to listen carefully to God’s voice and that he will release our funding soon so that we can serve in Peru.