Getting Settled

So we have been in Peru about two months, and it has flown by.  We have really enjoyed having our own space again.  The kids have especially enjoyed getting to watch the sheep graze on the harvested field these last few weeks.

out our bedroom windows we watched sheep cleaning up the field after harvest

Jarren is hoping that he will get to see them plow the field with a team of oxen. (They have three growing seasons here due to the mild climate)

Most of our time so far has been spent getting adjusted to new ways of doing things.  Everything just take a little bit longer and in some cases more planning.  For instance I can’t just jump in my car and run to the grocery store if I don’t have what I need for dinner.  Some things we can buy at the neighborhood tiendas (stores) but anything perishable needs to be bought at the larger grocery stores.  Getting to the larger stores requires walking to the neighborhood entrance and catch a taxi.  The trick is making sure the taxi knows where you want to go.  I once asked to go to Real Plaza ( a mall with a grocery store in it near my house) and I got taken to the Plaza de Armas ( the central plaza in Arequipa) fortunately there is another grocery store near by so the taxi took me there instead.

We have also been working on getting settled in schools (the kids), our jobs and in learning the language.  Renna started almost immediately in a Jardin ( preschool) and we just recently got Jarren settled in his school.  Here they are in their uniforms.

Renna excited to make new friends

Jarren ready for school










Also we have added a new member to our family, a cat, its name is spots but mostly he gets called kitty, or el gato or sometimes by Jarren, Mr. Pollo.  Spots is a great little kitten even if he does feel the need to climb up Robin’s leg every time Robin is in the kitchen doing the dishes.

Spots decided Renna’s castle was a good thing to climb much to the delight of Jarren and Renna

Thats all for now but I hope to post more often as we settle in even more.


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