Jarren’s Baptism

At Easter every year there is a baptism service at church.  This last year Jarren had talked about being baptised, so we had a talk about what that ment and told him that if he was ready he could talk to Pastor Kevin about being baptised.  Well he got thinking about the water and being under the water and decided that he was too afraid of water to be baptised then.  We said ok, and told him that there would come a point where God’s love would overcome his fear of water.  That time happened about a month ago.  During devotion time before bed he brought up that next time he was at camp he would like to be baptised ( we had been to a baptism service when we visited Bonita Park, a Nazarene camp in New Mexico, on our road trip).  We told him that he didn’t have to wait until camp to be baptised if he was ready now and in fact the church we are attending here in Peru (Puerta Abierta) was having a baptism service that Sunday.  Here are some pictures from that day:

Worship time before the baptisms

We had given Jarren the verse Joshua 1:8-9 in a plastic bag to hold while he was being baptized. Here Robin is telling Jarren that you never need to be afraid to do what God has asked you to do.