It’s COLD here

We have been back in the US for almost two weeks and slowly things are beginning to settle into a normal pattern. (see the last blog for more details as to why we are here now) Jarren had his first day at school today (they had the whole week of Thanksgiving off).  I am trying to get into a regular work schedule and for now I am working out of Grammy’s craft room.  We have also found an affordable place to live in Madras while we are here in the States and I’m starting to feel like it might be Christmas soon (we are going to get a tree this weekend).  We hope to be moved in on Friday. Here are a few pictures of the last two weeks.  My favorite is the one of Jarren tricking Grandpa into eating asparagus (we put cream cheese on it and put it on a plate full of celery dressed the same way) And yes it is COLD here, but Jarren has big plans for when it snows!

When traveling parents sometimes allow strange food choices (they did eat normal breakfast food too).

Renna in the Lima Airport eating cheese tres (cheetos) for breakfast

Jarren on the plane to Miami drinking Inka Cola with his breakfast

Living in the city with taxis and most things in reasonable walking distance it was a bit of a shock remembering how isolated the suburbs can be.  On our first day back we took a long walk to Starbucks. We did get to enjoy left over fall leaves and surprising sunshine.

Walking back from Starbucks



Jarren tricking Grandpa into eating asparagus ( along running joke between the two of them) on Thanksgiving day.



ready to race


After the race

Here are a few specific prayer requests:

That Jarren would adjust to and enjoy school while we are here

A good preschool or childcare option for Renna

Discipline in studying Spanish as a family

We are so thankful for all of your prayers and support as we continue on this journey following God’s call and serving Him in missions from where ever we happen to be.


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