My mother-in-law has a stitching group ( ladies that get together and work on knitting, crocheting ect), they like to say they get together to stitch and rip.  Meaning at least once nearly everyone in the group pulls out what they had been stitching and starts again.  If you have ever stitched (knitting, crocheting, sewing) you know that it is likely in any given project you will have to be removing stitches, pulling out your work and starting over.

I don’t know when exactly I learned to crochet and I am not sure who taught me (either my Mom or my aunt Pam, probably both) but I have been crocheting for a while.  Recently I came across a kind of crocheting I had never done before it is called Amigurumi.  basically it is crocheting stuffed animals.  I had always made flat things, in fact that was my favorite line to describe my crocheting project, “I only make flat things”, meaning blankets.  But these cute little animals called and I thought, how hard can it be.  And to tell the truth I rarely undid anything on a blanket anymore.  I had mastered the ability to crochet “flat things”.  Amigurumi has changed the way I crochet. Amigurumi requires reworking. Here it is in pictures a reworking of Jarren’s Christmas present, an Angry Birds Pig.

The pattern and anticipation

The pattern and anticipation

halfway done

halfway done

a friend thought this looked like a ramen monster

a friend thought this looked like a ramen monster

Here he is Christmas Eve and before Midnight a reworked Piggy

Here he is Christmas Eve and before Midnight a reworked Piggy

Life right now feels a bit like a stitching project.  We had hoped when we got on the plane headed for Peru last June we would be in Arequipa for 18 months, we had hoped when we got on the plane to the States in November to seek medical treatment we would be headed back to Arequipa in a few months.  Right now we seem to be in a ripping out, reworking stage.

Robin’s medical treatment is taking longer then we had hoped, it is more complicated than we thought.  We are moving forward and treatment is going well, but we have had to make some hard decisions about where we will live and work for the next few months.  Because this is Extreme’s last year in Peru when we are cleared to return to the field we will go to Ecuador, where the next projects are scheduled.  In the mean time, both of our jobs are possible to do remotely and since Jarren has been in and out of schools 3 or 4 times in the last calender year we are going to be staying here in Madras at least until school is out (June).  It is our hearts desire and call from God to be in ministry and at this time with Extreme Nazarene, helping to send and support 40/40 church planters in South America.  Right now we will be doing this from Madras, Oregon. Here are a few of our praises and prayer requests:

Jarren is really enjoying school.  He is making friends and is doing well.

Renna has a preschool, that she is enjoying

We were very blessed to be able to spend the Holidays with family

Please pray for our continued financial support, living in the States is more expensive than Peru and was not part of our budget.

Robin’s ongoing treatment.

For the new team of 40/40s that is in training right now, they will be the first team sent to Ecuador.



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