While all is not clear, I am at peace with where we are at in a way that has been absent these last six months.

Here is what I know:

If God had said to me, “sell all you own and move to Madras Oregon.” I certainly would not have freed myself of so many of the possessions that held me and I would not think so long and hard about what we add back into our lives.

Walking back from Starbucks

If we had not journeyed to New Mexico, besides not meeting so many wonderful friend and family, I may not have so readily remembered that I am called to preach, to bring the Good News, to encourage others to seek God with all their hearts.


If we had not moved to Arequipa and lived there I would not be able to do the job I am currently called to (Social Media coordinator) effectively.


An finally if we had not moved back to Madras, I believe  we would not have the space and resources for Robin to heal. I fully expect this time will prove fruitful in making our family more fully available to God.

our front steps

Sometimes when things don’t work out the way that we envision we question our actions and decisions.  However as I look back, I see us being as obedient to God’s call as we knew how to be and I trust that the obedient sacrifices we made and you have made supporting this ministry will bear much fruit.

Let’s see what God can do with us this year!


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